I’m jumping back into school. Why? Because it takes money to make money. But more importantly it takes education. Education about what to do with your money and how to make it work for you. Education about your calling and how your skills add value to society. Education baby. Formal and self education.
I’m going to have my head buried in books for 2 years. But I’m still operating 413 Ways.
I’m minding and running my own business!
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Please take a moment to reflect on the power of empathy for those who are less fortunate.

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Success is more direction than destination.




The U.S. is missing opportunities because too many U.S. ambassadors have not arrived to fill vacant posts. A Senate backlog in confirming ambassadorial candidates has left the U.S. without permanent ambassadors in 40 countries and a total of 58 State Department nominees still awaiting confirmation.

This logjam in the Senate is hampering America’s role in the world. Read more here.


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Self Discipline x #413ways

"Anti-Social behavior is trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists."

Nikola Tesla

"I don’t apologise for what I’ve got to say. It’s never malicious so if the truth is too bitter for you to swallow, better take a couple shots of reality and let it burn some of your tastebuds and then maybe you will be able to taste life from places other than your high horse."
— Sorry for what? - Qali Id (via qaaliciid)